Staying in a less than 3 star hotel is as close to roughing it as I get.


Today’s Daily Prompt poses the classic question: what are the five items you must have on a deserted island?

Oh how wonderful, to be on a deserted island…Um.


Anyone who knows me knows very well I’d never voluntarily place myself on a deserted island, so I can safely say I have no real idea what my must have items would be. I can hazard a guess on a few perhaps…

I’m thinking one item would have to be a ticket on whatever transportation would get me out of there pronto. Second item, I guess, a decent quality vodka to ease me through the waiting period for said transportation to arrive. Third, my iPod fully loaded with quality tunes to hum to also while I wait for my exit. Sunblock. I assume as a deserted island it’s hinted at being sandy and sunny, tropical paradise, so perhaps some sunglasses to soften the glare.

See? Rubbish.

Because I’d never be in the position by choice. And if I was there by accident, I think I’d have bigger problems than what dream items I may or may not have with me.

I’m assuming of course the fact that you’ve advanced time to ensure you collect your five items for this is a preplanned trip, of course, as not planned, well, you’d be screwed and wouldn’t have those items with you, would you.

Unless you’re one of those of the female persuasion who’s handbag is like a tardis and full of a million things packed just in case.

I’ve never quite understood why anyone would carry some of the crap some woman carry daily in their handbags. Of course then you have to witness – everytime the phone rings – the bag’s owner panic searching through the aforementioned crap as somewhere deep within the volumnous bag, a distant sound of the lost mobile phone bleats on.

Certainly a plus on the male front – travelling light: House/ Car Keys, wallet, smartphone, cigs and lighter as applicable. Done. Though I guess the tardis bag owner would have the last laugh if arriving on the island by accident…

I’m a city dweller, and a city breaker. I love cities. I love buildings, the bigger the better. I love the many options a city provides. Anything that I may need is never too far away.

I don’t rough it. Staying in a less than 3 star hotel is as close to roughing it as I get. A four star plus venue on an island? Now, I’d maybe consider that option…

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  3. My bag ends up with so many items that mysteriously got there… then all the loose change that gets tossed to the bottom makes it heavy… and it ends up being a trash bag for the teenagers… not to mention my own habit of stuffing receipts in it because i just might need to return something… being a woman is rough. :(

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  7. I am like you…couldn’t decide what 5 items I’d need. Just like asking me what 5 items I would grab if my flat was on fire! Only 1 would be the photos of my children that hang on the wall in my bedroom! Priceless!

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