A little goes a long way…


Inspired by today’s Daily Prompt: Happily Ever After: “And they lived happily ever after.” Think about this line for a few minutes. Are you living happily ever after? If not, what will it take for you to get there?

20130226-180859.jpg Balloons on a Winter’s day. Photo by me.

Can’t say I for one think there is a “Happy ever after” for everyone. I think it’s more used merely to ease kids to sleep and not rob them entirely of all hope when they’re still young enough to believe in the impossible! Let’s face it, “Snow White and her Prince Charming lived happily ever after… Well, until she caught him shagging the nanny, which lead to a bitter divorce and nasty custody battle over the seven dwarves…” Doesn’t really work as a suitable bedtime story does it!

It’s the same in the adult world though, where 99.9% of all Rom-Coms all work out nicely in the end despite the traumas en route. It would be rather depressing if they all ended up like most things in real life do. There’re only so many sad ending movies one can sit through really.

If everyone had an happy ending, how would we know. Like everything in life, we judge by testing / comparing / rating etc against something else, a test subject, if you will. If everyone achieved all they hoped for in life we’d have nothing to measure against. Such as, if we all met our perfect life partner at age 14 and grew old together after an extremely happily life lived together, we’d have no way of knowing how rare, lucky and privileged we were to be doing so. So we have the test subject, so to speak, on the loner who despite their best efforts just doesn’t find the one they really want, or finds them but has to sit with them while they discuss marrying someone else!

But that’s not to say every loner is miserable. Or everyone who doesn’t have that fancy much dreamed of job and lifestyle is unhappy. Different strokes for different folks, some finding their happy endings in ways others would never dream of even trying. But we can all use each other against which to compare and see if we’re happy on our own little route.

Have I found mind? Not even close. But I have had a few blasts along the way, so not all bad. I’ve been places I never imagined I would, met amazing people along the way, some still in touch, some not. I’ve enjoyed many good times with great people, read wonderful books and loved many a great movie. I may not have my dream job, a boyfriend, or such, but there are many good things too.

I think it’s all about finding the little things that count, that stand out, that make those moments just a little more special. Have enough of those and I reckon you’re well on the way to the happy ending. Or at least as close as possible.

Like when walking home yesterday, in an icy wind on a grey skied winters evening, I glanced up to see amongst the bare branches of a tree, a brightly coloured collection of balloons swaying in the wind. This little pop of beautiful bright colour amongst the grey… Brought a smile to my face and lead to a happy mood for the evening. Another little thing on my trip to the happy ending!

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  2. Happiness in a nutshell is contentment! It’s not what you’ve got, or who you’re with but the feeling of satisfaction and not needing more!

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  6. Noticing the simple things, like balloons in a tree, is what makes for contentment. Ever notice how good a sneeze feels?! Excellent blog Mr. H!

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