Room with a view


20130129-183443.jpg room with a view, pic by me
In my home town it gets dark at silly o’clock at this time of year. Even earlier, feels it at least, when it’s an overcast wet and windy day.

Like today.

Days like today makes the usual pleasure of being able to walk to work become a real chore. Do I chance my luck against the rain, or do I go out of my way and brave the dreaded bus option. I chanced my luck on the way home, and it wasn’t a particularly enjoyable walk. Hard drizzle thrown in my face repeatedly by the strong gusts of wind, and additional soaking by the heavy drops being blown from the gutters and trees on route; along with various bits of debris sandblasted against my face by the wind. I’m sure I’ve still got grit in my eye.

On days like today it’s great to finally come home and know that my quiet little existence means I have no reason to venture out again. Sometimes I loath that existence. Sometimes it provides me with a great sense of comfort.

Today it’s of the comforting variety. I can sloth about in my stretched and well worn uber comfy clothes, enjoy a hot beverage, and cosy up to the dry warmth of being indoors. I can be cat like, stretched out in total comfort on my sofa as Mother Nature vents her anger weather wise outside.

Warm, comfy and somewhat sleepy, I can stand by my window, protected slightly from view by the Venetian blind, which I can angle and watch the world outside.

I wonder if they can see me? If they know I’m watching, and if anyone watched me from their window as I walked home? (Who knows, I may end up a side note in someone else’s blog inspired by today’s prompt?)

Cars, bikes, vans, and buses all fight each other for the narrow road squeezed between my block and the next. The drains don’t drain, water pools everywhere and is thrown by passing traffic at innocent pedestrians walking by. Some fighting the wind against ownership of their umbrellas, some zipped up like Kenny from South Park, only their eyes peering out through their hooded selves. Of course there’s always the person who seems dressed for a sunny summer’s day all year around. The joggers looking like they wished they’d opted instead for that cookie and sofa. Dogs being walked by their owners, or owners forced out to walk their dogs, either way they all look miserable by the experience…

(I can see a cat stretched on the inside window ledge of a neighbours window, in that full stretch of total comfort only a cat can master. That cat most definitely won’t be taking a walk outdoors anytime soon. Regardless what it’s owner (slave?) says.)

As I watch the world go by from the vantage point of my window, I do wonder where they’re all going, where’ve they been, who’re they going home to. I wonder what they will do tonight. Will they love being where they are going or is their journey full of dread? Are they regular passer’s by or is this the one and only time they will ever pass by this way? Are they happy? What kind of day have they had? Exciting, celebratory? Sad? Lonely? Are they feeling guilty, and if so…why?

As the driver waits for the traffic light to turn in his favour, does he glance up and see me watching? I wonder what he thinks if he does…

But what strikes me most as I watch all these people pass by my little neighbourhood, is just how few of them I will ever know. People within metres from me with entire lives that may never cross paths with mine other than the brief pass tonight. Kinda crazy really.

This entry inspired by The Daily Prompt : Through the Window. Look outside. Count to 60. Now, write. Simple as that!

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  3. An amazing blog! I have done this many times as people fascinate me, and in wet weather, so do their antics! Looking through my window I see the river, trees, birds and yesterday the monkey troup! If I turn my head I am looking at the very busy road and school drop off which is completely different! Hustle and bustle and many cars are in my view. And when it is raining, it is just as your blog describes!

    • Your view is certainly different to mine… But we do get some wildlife too, aside from countless seagulls, occasionally I’ve seen foxes pass by in their quiet nervous way.

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